Jaime Acosta – Headmaster

    A message you would like to share from your daily labour with our SGS Community?

    This quarantine has brought new and interesting challenges to us all:  it has made us realize how small the world is today.  We have had concrete evidence that everything and everybody are just a few clicks away.  I would like you to use this experience to find new, innovative and sound ideas for your work in the future

    What lesson do you think this whole experience leaves us?

    I believe this experience will produce a big relief for wildlife now and in the future.  Those animal markets, where all the recent illnesses have developed, are today being questioned by large sectors of the world population. This has led to many being closed down and policies about this issue have appeared. Wild animals are fine in the wild and we have to do our outmost to keep them there.  There is no justification for these animals being used as food or, even worst, as medicine.  Modern medicine today is well advanced and has cures for most illness without having to revert to dubious and quack solutions that are destroying wildlife on our planet

    Which values do you consider the school leaves its students to confront this difficult situation?

    I think this pandemic is giving us the opportunity to put into practice the Solidarity we have always promoted in School.  I have also seen students putting into use the work ethics and self-discipline we believe in.  These are characteristic that all alumni have in their everyday life, but is also very evident in our students at School today. It makes me very proud.