Profesores y Empleados: Miguel Ángel Ramírez (QEPD)

Muchas generaciones de exalumnos pasamos por las clases del profesor Miguel Ángel Ramírez, docente de sociales por muchos años en el Colegio, quien hace más de una década se había pensionado.  Miguel Ángel falleció el pasado 5 de noviembre de 2016 en la ciudad de Bogotá.  Sus exequias fueron en la Iglesia de San Juan de Avila y su cremación en Jardines del Recuerdo.

Queremos compartir con ustedes las palabras de Mr. Jimmy:

Obituary Miguel Angel Ramirez M.- December 6th,1939- November 5th 2016

“Miguel Ángel Ramírez worked at our School from September 1981 to June 2001 as a Social Studies teacher in Bachillerato, and for several years he was Head of this same Department.  He was always a teacher we could count on to accompany students in outings, apart from being a keen footballer.  I remember very well some walks we made from Samacá to Desierto de la Candelaria, and from Sutatensa to Tensa, with students of 9th grade in those days.  They were great fun.

With students he generally got along well and I am sure several of you will have fond memories of him.  He was a kind and well spoken person who, although of the old school of teaching, did so with interest and enthusiasm.  In his last years at school he had lost part of his hearing and he was having trouble coping with classes.  He therefore came to speak with me and we decided it was his time to retire.

Even after this happened he would still come to school to meet exalumnos, attend our bazars and see many of the shows our students put on.  We always could count on his good will and friendship.  Rest in peace Miguel Angel”.

Jimmy Acosta